In a fantasy world called Fumbleland… when a child makes a spelling mistake, a Fumble is born! A mischievous little creature that obsesses the teacher, Mrs Spelling or Mrs S.
From kids’ notebooks and mobile devices here come naughty living mistakes such as HairPlane, RainCow, PoliceCan, Parking Pot, and many more.

To correct her student’s homework, Mrs S. does all she can to convince Fumbles to give back their wrong letters and put on right ones.
This mission is by no means easy!

Bilingual Method

Original process of learning a foreign language by Teresa Pascarelli, the Bilingual Method ™ is an edutainment process that leads the viewer to learning a foreign language.

The method is based on creating, reproducing or listening to dialogues between fantasy characters, in which the user’s mother tongue (L1) and a foreign language (L2) are alternated. L2 in our case is almost always the English language. The presence of L1 allows the user to follow the plot and grow passionate of the situations and characters, ensuring that the L2 will be assimilated almost unconsciously.

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