Mrs Sara Spelling

Sara Spelling is an air-headed and original spelling teacher from the Fumbleland Elementary School.

In her classroom, every time a child makes a spelling mistake a Fumble is born!

When Mrs Spelling comes back from school, she finds a Fumble has followed her home.

This is how her Fumble mission begins: she must find the rascal, catch it with her powerful “Fumble vacuum” and launch it onto her “Fumble Glass” so as to correct it.


Sam is Sara Spelling’s mouse-dog. A huge pc mouse with ears and a tail!

Sam is very lazy. He never moves from Sara’s couch.

But in his own way he is always ready to give her good advice, helps Sara correct the Fumbles and sing the Sing-Spell songs.

He loves eating ham Macrochips, which are never missing from Mrs Spelling’s fridge.

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Teresa Pascarelli

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