1. Hair Plane

Fumble of the word AIRPLANE
Personality: Funny and egocentric
Favorite pencil: Red, strawberry flavor
Theme: Airplanes
Fumble words: Air, plane, hair

2. Lemon Fart

Fumble of the word LEMON TART
Personality: Girlish and flimsy
Favorite pencil: Pink, peach flavor
Theme: Perfume
Fumble words: Lemon, tart, fart

3. Rain Cow

Fumble of the word RAINBOW
Personality: Slow and lazy
Favotire pencil: Green, spinach flavor
Theme: Weather
Fumble words: Rain, bow, cow

4. Glue Berry

Fumble of the word BLUEBERRY
Personality: Sticky and annoying
Favorite pencil:Orange, carrot flavor
Theme: Fruit
Fumble words: Blue, berry, glue

5. Pea Cup

Fumble of the word TEA CUP
Personality: Insolent and outspoken
Favorite pencil: Yellow, pumpkin flavor
Theme: Midday snack
Fumble words: Tea, cup, pea

6. Police Can

Fumble of the word POLICEMAN
Personality: Touchy and inflexible
Favorite pencil: Purple, grape flavor
Theme: Policemen
Fumble words: Police, man, can

7. Shoe Face

Fumble of the word SHOE LACE
Personality: Strict and gruff
Favorite pencil: Black, charcoal flavor
Theme: Footwear
Fumble words: Shoe, lace, face

8. Parking Pot

Fumble of the word PARKING LOT
Personality:Shy and clumsy
Favorite pencil: White, onion flavor
Theme: Road rules
Fumble words: Parking, lot, pot

9. Nose Book

Fumble of the word NOTEBOOK
Personality: Hypochondriac and resigned
Favorite pencil: Purple, fig flavor
Theme: Allergies
Fumble words: Note, book, nose

10. Home Fork

Fumble of the word HOMEWORK
Personality: Neurotic, obsessed with dusting
Favorite pencil: White, fennel flavor
Theme: Cleaning
Fumble words: Home, work, fork

11. News Caper

Fumble of the word NEWSPAPER
Personality: Show-off
Favorite pencil: Black, black bean flavor
Theme: News
Fumble words: News, paper, caper

12. Motor Jar

Fumble of the word MOTOR CAR
Personality: Competitive and enterprising
Favorite pencil: Green, lettuce flavor
Theme: Races
Fumble words: Motor, car, jar

13. Nun Flower

Fumble of the word SUNFLOWER
Personality: Sunny and cheerful
Favorite pencil: Pink, grapefruit flavor
Theme: Singing
Fumble words: Sun, flower, nun

14. Solar Bear

Fumble of the word POLAR BEAR
Personality: Party-goer and laid-back
Favorite pencil: Yellow, pineapple flavor
Theme: Swimming
Fumble words: Polar, bear, solar

15. Candy Fox

Fumble of the word CANDY BOX
Personality: Elegant and snob
Favorite pencil: Orange, mango flavor
Theme: Fashion
Fumble words: Candy, box, fox

16. Pig Pail

Fumble of the word PIGTAIL
Personality: Can think only of food
Favorite pencil: Any color
Theme: Eating
Fumble words: Pig, tail, pail

17. School Hag

Fumble of the word SCHOOL BAG
Personality: Mischievous and funny
Favorite pencil: Brown, chestnut flavor
Theme: Witches
Fumble words: School, bag, hag

18. Belly Fish

Fumble of the word JELLYFISH
Personality: Calm and sedate
Favorite pencil: Green, seaweed flavor
Theme: Communication
Fumble words: Jelly, fish, belly

19. Yoga Cat

Fumble of the word YOGA MAT
Personality: Calm and thoughtful
Favorite pencil: Yellow, lemon flavor
Theme: Yoga
Fumble words: Yoga, mat, cat

20. Police Pan

Fumble of the word POLICEMAN
Personality: Obtuse and believes he’s smart
Favorite pencil: Purple, plum flavor
Theme: Police force
Fumble words: Police, man, pan

21. Rain Goat

Fumble of the word RAIN COAT
Personality: Curious and obsessive
Favorite pencil: Pink, radish flavor
Theme: Rain
Fumble words: Rain, coat, goat

22. Rice Cube

Fumble of the word ICE CUBE
Personality: Lunatic
Favorite pencil: White, cauliflower flavor
Thema: Ice
Fumble words: Ice, cube, rice

23. Hair Nut

Fumble of the word HAIRCUT
Personality: Lively and full of adrenaline
Favorite pencil: Blue, plum flavor
Theme: Nuts
Fumble words: Hair, cut, nut

24. Pencil Vase

Fumble of the word PENCIL CASE
Personality: Organized and hysterical
Favorite pencil: He crunches the eraser pencils
Theme: Organization
Fumble words: Pencil, case, vase

25. Fire Cork

Fumble of the word FIREWORK
Personality: Goofy and can’t fly
Favorite pencil: Orange, mango flavor
Theme: Partying
Fumble words: Fire, work, cork

26. Lady Jug

Fumble of the word LADYBUG
Personality: Happy and giggly
Favorite pencil: Red, tomato flavor
Theme: Containers
Fumble words: Lady, bug, jug

27. Man Cake

Fumble of the word PANCAKE
Personality: Playful and immature
Favorite pencil: Yellow, sweet pepper flavor
Theme: Games
Fumble words: Pan, cake, man

28. Cutter Fly

Fumble of the word BUTTERFLY
Personality: Party-goer
Favorite pencil: Orange, papaya flavor
Theme: Partying
Fumble words: Butter, fly, cutter

29. Tear Phone

Fumble of the word EARPHONE
Personality: Emotional and sentimental
Favorite pencil: Purple, eggplant flavor
Theme: Crying
Fumble words: Ear, phone, tear

30. Tub Way

Fumble of the word SUBWAY
Personality: She is always traveling and in a hurry
Favorite pencil: Yellow, corn flavor
Theme: Hurrying
Fumble words: Sub, way, tub

31. Calm Tree

Fumble of the word PALM TREE
Personality: Wise but tired
Favorite pencil: White, coconut flavor
Theme: Relaxing
Fumble words: Palm, tree, calm

32. Fumble Bee

Fumble of the word BUMBLE BEE
Personality: Majestic and domineering
Favorite pencil: Blue, violet flavor
Theme: Bees
Fumble words: Bumble, bee, fumble

33. Slow Ball

Fumble of the word SNOWBALL
Personality: Slow and lazy
Favorite pencil: Orange, papaya flavor
Theme: Ball games
Fumble words: Snow, ball, slow

34. Door Rat

Fumble of the word DOOR MAT
Personality: Elegant and irascible
Favorite pencil: Grey, kigelia flavor
Theme: Greetings
Fumble words: Door, mat, rat

35. Fire Hen

Fumble of the word FIREMEN
Personality: Authoritarian and inflexible
Favorite pencil: Red, cherry flavor
Theme: Firefighting
Fumble words: Fire, men, hen

36. Plump Cake

Fumble of the word PLUM CAKE
Personality: Show-off and spoiled
Favorite pencil: Pink, grapefruit flavor
Theme: Ballet
Fumble words: Plum, cake, plump

37. Ear Book

Fumble of the word YEARBOOK
Personality: Grumpy and quarrelsome
Favorite pencil: Beige, potato flavor
Theme: School
Fumble words: Year, book, ear

38. Teddy Pear

Fumble of the word TEDDY BEAR
Personality: Cuddly and spoiled
Favorite pencil: Brown, chocolate flavor
Theme: Affection
Fumble words: Teddy, bear, pear

39. Light Mouse

Fumble of the word LIGHTHOUSE
Personality: Stubborn and hysterical
Favorite pencil: Yellow, cheese flavor
Theme: Light
Fumble words: Light, house, mouse

40. Bed Sheep

Fumble of the word BED SHEET
Personality: Snob and insolent
Favorite pencil: Green, basil flavor
Theme: Bedtime
Fumble words: Bed, sheet, sheep

41. Wig Toe

Fumble of the word BIG TOE
Personality: Stubborn and unpleasant
Favorite pencil: Yellow, banana flavor
Theme: Hair
Fumble words: Big, toe, wig

42. Shy Glass

Fumble of the word SPYGLASS
Personality: Shy and introverted
Favorite pencil: Black, blackberry flavor
Theme: Adventure
Fumble words: Spy, glass, shy

43. Fool Box

Fumble of the word TOOLBOX
Personality: Outgoing and a prankster
Favorite pencil: Purple, plum flavor
Theme: Tools
Fumble words: Tool, box, fool

44. Rail Toad

Fumble of the word RAILROAD
Personality: Bored and strict
Favorite pencil: Brown, hazelnut flavor
Theme: Train station
Fumble words: Rail, road, toad

45. Salt Waiter

Fumble of the word SALTWATER
Personality: Professional but irascible
Favorite pencil: White, cauliflower flavor
Theme: Restaurants
Fumble words: Salt, water, waiter

46. Soft Bell

Fumble of the word SOFTBALL
Personality: Lazy and tired
Favorite pencil: Red, cherry flavor
Theme: Baseball
Fumble words: Soft, ball, bell

47. Book Stop

Fumble of the word BOOKSHOP
Personality: Suspicious and touchy
Favorite pencil: Green, cucumber flavor
Theme: Traffic signs
Fumble words: Book, shop, stop

48. Word Fish

Fumble of the word SWORD FISH
Personality: Calm and repetitive
Favorite pencil: Yellow, pepper flavor
Theme: Echo
Fumble words: Sword, word, fish

49. Sail Boot

Fumble of the word SAIL BOAT
Personality: A pirate and a braggart
Favorite pencil: Green, seaweed flavor
Theme: Pirates
Fumble words: Sail, boat, boot

50. Shake Spear

Fumble of the word SHAKESPEARE
Personality: Wild and gruff
Favorite pencil: Green, cucumber flavor
Theme: Shakespeare
Fumble words: Shake, spear, Shakespeare

51. Paper Chip

Fumble of the word PAPERCLIP
Personality: Capricious and snob
Favorite pencil: Orange, apricot flavor
Theme: Breakable things
Fumble words: Paper, clip, chip

52. North Mole

Fumble of the word NORTH POLE
Personality: Technological and enigmatic
Favorite pencil: Red, radish flavor
Theme: Technology
Fumble words: North, pole, mole

53. Singer Nail

Fumble of the word FINGER NAIL
Personality: Egocentric and he loves to sing
Favorite pencil: Violet, carrot flavor
Theme: Singing
Fumble words: Finger, singer, nail

54. Farm Chair

Fumble of the word ARM CHAIR
Personality: Noisy and busy
Favorite pencil: Beige, straw flavor
Theme: Farm animals
Fumble words: Arm, farm, chair

55. Cave Pan

Fumble of the word CAVE MAN
Personality: Wild and impulsive
Favorite pencil: Grey, fig flavor
Theme: Prehistory
Fumble words: Cave, man, pan

56. Egg Smell

Fumble of the word EGG SHELL
Personality: Boring and petulant
Favorite pencil: Yellow, apricot flavor
Theme: Shells
Fumble words: Egg, shell, smell

57. Sock Star

Fumble of the word ROCK STAR
Personality: Cool and rocker
Favorite pencil: Blue, beet flavor
Theme: Rock music
Fumble words: Rock, sock, star

58. Tooth Blush

Fumble of the word TOOTHBRUSH
Personality: Sweet and shy
Favorite pencil: White, cream flavor
Theme: Morning routine
Fumble words: Tooth, brush, blush

59. Clown Dish

Fumble of the word CLOWNFISH
Personality: Carefree and a big eater
Favorite pencil: Red, cherry flavor
Theme: Circus
Fumble words: Clown, fish, dish

60. Class Broom

Fumble of the word CLASSROOM
Personality: Girlish and romantic
Favorite pencil: Pink, grapefruit flavor
Theme: House cleaning
Fumble words: Class, room, broom

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